Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tidal Power...Why Not...?

What would you say if I asked your thoughts about Tidal Power?

I'm guessing most people have none.

Considering the environmental damage from carbon emissions and our efforts to develop sustainable clean energy sources, why doesn't the public hear anything about Tidal Power?

The Tide offers a boundless source of potential energy.

We can use it forever with no fuel consumption and no pollution.

Earth's Ocean is a natural, gravity driven engine.

The force of The Tide is relentless, powerful, and predictable, an inexhaustible power source, consuming zero fuel, right in front of our eyes.

The Tide is the most powerful engine on Earth.

Driven by the force of gravity, this engine runs free of cost, all day every day.

The ‘Motion Of The Ocean’ can be used to generate electricity without consuming anything.

There will be no harmful pollutants.

And there’s no need to drill, dig, frack, or transport fuel.

All we need to do is open our eyes and get to work.

How can we possibly ignore The Tide in this age of doubt and fear about our over consumption of fossil fuels?

Tidal Power is not another alternative seeking a niche, it is the long range solution we need.

We have spent decades and billions of dollars working to develop solar and wind energy.

They work, but remain very expensive, and produce less than half of the time.

Each day has a night, with no solar gain, and there are cloudy days.

The wind is inconsistent.

Too much or too little breeze and nothing happens.

The Tide is constant, never wavering, and it exerts 80 times the force of the wind.

With the advent of sea level rise, The Tide is getting stronger.

There are efforts to utilize Tidal Power, but they remain insignificant in the big picture.

What is standing in the way?

Those involved in the development have made it much too complicated.

Generating electricity is a very simple process.

Generating electricity efficiently enough to make it pay is not as easy.

But it is not insurmountable, especially when we consider what is at stake.

We have an inexhaustible engine, running all day every day with zero fuel consumption.

That should make things easier.


OK, let’s move on, enough questions.

Here’s an answer.

I’ve designed a 5Mw, Plug and Play, Tidal Power generator that simplifies the process.

My design will get the blades turning for Tidal Power, and open the floodgates of innovation.

When people realize what we have been missing, fresh young minds will take my idea and run with it.

Advances will be exponential.

Here’s an example.

Elon Musk, who seems able to do whatever he wants, foresees a rechargeable, battery powered world.

How will we charge all the batteries?

The grid still needs a steady diet of power.

It seems counter productive to develop devices that need more and more electricity, unless we also come up with cheaper, more efficient, less environmentally dangerous ways to produce the juice.

Electric vehicles powered by fossil fueled electricity is just plain silly.

Get your head around it and let's get started.

"The Motion Of The Ocean" awaits!

Tidal Power is a new industry with more jobs and benefits than you can shake a stick at.

And, we may well save our niche for future generations.

Demand it now!


Thoughts on development.


Click the spinning evo disc.

The entire process is there.

If we can't make this happen, we aren't really trying.

smythspace at gmail dot com


A word to The Ocean...

Thank you!

Humans thrive because of you.

Your bounty nourishes us, we conduct essential commerce over your surface, and your magnificence leaves us in awe.

Now we need to ask for more, but this time, nothing will be depleted or altered.

Your well being has been considered before starting.

We need to borrow a small amount of your boundless energy.

It will be turned into affordable, non-carbon fueled electricity.

This will result in less chemical waste fouling your biosystem.

Sounds good all around to me.

Thanks again, in advance!

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